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The Estus Smith Vineyard Healing Foundation, Inc., DBA, ARTriumph

Thank you for visiting! Our new website is in progress as we prepare to celebrate our 20-Year Milestone. 

Since 2002, we have served as an asset-based, community building vehicle to help foster social healing for the national trauma resulting from the country's economic and social oppression of African Americans and their Ascendants for the period beginning in 1619 (i.e., The Tribulation). 

Through the Humanities, Education, and Art (HEART), we strive to create pathways that help society address the ongoing aftermath of 1619's impact.

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Welcome: Services
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The Humanities, Education and Art (HEART) are important platforms for societies to create expressions of healing that triumph over deeply entrenched, national trauma.
-Veronica Adams-Cooper, 2021

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